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Printable Group Card: Celebrate Unique Moments Online & Share the Joy!

Celebrate online with friends and family! Create unique moments and share them with a printable group card. Make your online celebrations special with this easy and fun way to connect.

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Celebrate online with friends and family with our printable group cards! Create a unique card for any occasion and make your celebration special. Send your card to everyone in the group with just one click.

Group cards for any special occasion:





Work anniversaries

Sympathy & Condolences

Get well soon


Teacher appreciation

New Baby

... and many more.

How it works

It couldn’t be easier! Just create, share and send.


Create the ideal group card for the recipient by choosing from multiple templates.


Add a text message, images, GIFs or personalized videos, and invite everyone who wants to collaborate.


Schedule the delivery by email for the day and time you want or send it by SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger or as you prefer.

eCard Example

Printable Group Card: Collaborate with Friends & Family with Messages & Images

Create a unique printable group card with messages from multiple people! Add an image, video, or GIF to make it even more special. Collaborate with friends and family to make a memorable card.

Special features


Multiple templates will provide you with the ability to create group card.


Add a message with the rest of the contributors.

Schedule Delivery

Schedule your eCard to be delivered by email on the date you select.

Flexible sending

Send the card by Email, WhatsApp, SMS, or as you prefer.


Invite different people to contribute on the group card.


Real time monitoring is available and allows you to know when the group card is open.


Never again forget to congratulate friends and family. You can write special dates on the calendar so we can notify you.


Record a personal video and create an experience as close as possible.


The recipient can download the group card to view it at any time.

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For special occasions create Group Cards quickly and easily with SendGift.

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