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Once you have created the group card, you will have the option 'Invite collaborators' available. Selecting it will provide you with a link that you can copy and share with all the people who want to collaborate.
Contributors will be able to see all posted messages and add their own message. In addition, as long as they continue with the browser session open, they can edit it again in case they want to correct it.
The creator of the card will receive an email each time a contributor adds a comment to the group card.
Yes. The creator of the card can delete any of the comments that other people added.
Yes. When the group card is ready, you can schedule its delivery for the exact date and time you want it to be received.
The layout will be the same as what you can see when you are editing it. The recipient will not be able to edit the content, but will have the possibility to send a thank you to all the contributors who have participated in the group card.
Before you send the card to the recipient, only contributors to whom you provide the link will be able to access the card and add their message. Once the card is sent, the recipients can decide if they want to share the link with more people.
Currently you can use the service for free with some limitations. There are two other paid services with more functionalities. For more information you can check the pricing plans.
It is not necessary. In the SendGift client area we will provide you with ideas of what type of gifts you can wrap with us and we will show you how to do it, it is very simple. Also, you could send an eCard including an original and personalized video, and only that can cause a huge impression to whoever receives it.
In the Premium Max and the Premium One plans, the links to access the eCards expire in three months after the day they are sent. However in the Free plan they expire in 7 days.
Not at all. We take care of creating an eCard for a gift, but the content of the gift is your business.
There are two possibilities. One option it to do it through SendGift, we will send your eCard at the date you indicate. The other possibility is to do it yourself. You can send the eCard access link directly through WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.
Whenever you want. You can schedule the delivery so that the recipient will receive it when you indicate it, or you can send it yourself at any time.
Thanks to our analytics system you will be informed at all times, once the recipient has opened the eCard and you can even know if he liked it. This functionality is available in both, the Premium One and Premium Max plans.
The recipient will be able to write to you a reply message that you will receive in your email.
SendGift offers digital services that allow you to send eCards and gifts digitally to anywhere in the world in an original and unique way.
For immediacy, closeness and originality. If you want to surprise, send your gift and greeting messages digitally through SendGift.
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