Gift Ideas: Experiences

Other Experiences

Here are some ideas that you will love.

Give away original and unique experiences.

From driving the car of your dreams, climbing, bungee jumping, ski pass, to the most incredible room scape to enjoy with your family or friends.

We recommend different experiences among which you will find your perfect gift.

You can deliver it in a spectacular way to make a magnificent impression!

SendGift wraps all kinds of gifts that can be sent digitally

Maybe you have never seen a digitally wrapped gift, or didn't even know they existed. SendGift will take care of wrapping yours in an incredible way.

A congratulations video or a song by a famous artist will be a perfect gift that surely surprises.

You can also wrap gifts or experiences you have already purchased and send them digitally.



Water Experiences

Water Experiences

Air Experiences

Air Experiences


We offer you different gift ideas that can be wrapped and sent digitally.

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