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We have reinvented a way to wrap gifts to offer an original, unique and totally digital experience.

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Join the Digital Gift Wrap!

With SendGift's Digital Wrapper you can deliver any gift in a cool and attractive way

We can wrap tickets for shows, sporting events, trips, courses or any other experience. If you don't know what to give, do not worry. We will share gift ideas that can easily be wrapped by us and will surely surprise your loved one.

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Select your template

Multiple templates will provide you with the ability to create gift.


Personalize the message

Record a video with your mobile, include a photo or write a message you want to share.


Add a gift

Include your gift to deliver, add the information, and attachment that the recipient will download.


Send it!

Choose if you want us to send it by email or schedule the delivery for a specific day. If you prefer you can deliver it yourself by WhatsApp, SMS or email

Example of digital gift wrap

Deliver a gift with SendGift means originality and surprise

The gift wrap is a 100% digital but at the same time a personal experience!



Choose from multiple templates to customize your digital gift wrap.


Add a personalized message that will appear when the recipient unwraps the gift.


Record a personal video and create an experience as close as possible.


Add information about the gift, an image and an attachment that the recipient could download.

Schedule Delivery

Schedule your gift to be delivered by email on the date you select.

Flexible sending

Send it by mail through SendGift or send it yourself by WhatsApp, SMS, Email, or any other channel.


You can send the gift to many people. It is useful if you are sending a gift to a small group.  Coming soon


Real time monitoring is available and allows you to know when the gift is open.


Never again forget to congratulate friends and family. You can write their birthdays on the calendar so we can notify you.

Wrap and send gifts digitally to anywhere in the world quickly and easily

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