Online Group Cards for Birthday

Create and send amazing online group cards for their birthday. Send an invitation to contribute to everyone who cares about them.

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Unique online group cards for birthday

Create a group card to congratulate them in a very special way on their birthday

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Special birthday messages

Invite everyone who wants to collaborate on the online group card. They will be able to add their congratulatory messages in a special way, adding emoticons and all kinds of incredible details.

Personalized images and videos

In addition to text messages, you can add personalized images and videos to congratulate that special person. You surely love receiving messages from all the important people in your life in a single group card that you can keep as a keepsake.

Add the most popular GIFs

Along with the congratulatory messages, SendGift allows you to add all kinds of GIFs so that you can represent any kind of situation. You will always find the latest and most popular GIFs of the moment available.

Other special celebrations

SendGift online group cards aren't set up just to send out for a birthday. You have a large number of templates available for any type of celebration or special occasion, be it a wedding, a farewell, a tribute, and many others.

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The best way to celebrate a birthday together

There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than around the people we love the most.

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Work anniversaries

Sympathy & Condolences

Get well soon


Teacher appreciation

New Baby

... and many more.