A collaborative and very special memorial

Create a memorial with messages from all the people who have accompanied them during their life.

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A beautiful memorial that will last forever

The best way to remember your loved ones is by sharing memories with the most important people in their life.

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Special Message

The memorial participants will be able to create very special messages, adding images, text, GIFs and personal videos.

Digital and eternal

The process of creating the memorial is totally digital, but at the same time it will be eternal, since it can be downloaded and saved wherever you want.


For everyone to be able to add their messages, it will only be necessary to share the access link through email, WhatsApp, SMS or as you prefer.


You will receive notifications when the different collaborators add their messages in the tribute.

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A tribute of those who love them

It is a beautiful tribute to all the people who have been present in their life and with whom they shared many special moments together.

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Work anniversaries

Sympathy & Condolences

Get well soon


Teacher appreciation

New Baby

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