Group Cards for Retirements

The best gift for a retirement is a group card with a nice thank you message from all your coworkers.

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A nice memory of your colleagues

All your colleagues will be able to add a message of gratitude and admiration for all those years of work you have shared together.

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Any colleague who has shared good and bad moments with the person who is retiring can add their thanks message on the group card. The number of collaborators is unlimited, that is why you can add as many messages as guests are added.

Real time monitoring

You will be informed at all times of how many people have already added their message to the group card. You will receive a notification in your email so you can follow up in real time.

Custom Videos

The collaborators of the group card will be able to add personalized videos to make the message closer. A thank you message in a special video always makes a better impression than a simple text.

Thank you reply

You will know at all times if the recipient has successfully received the group card and if they wish they can send a message to all the participants showing their appreciation for the gift received.

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The best gift for a long career

A group card is a recognition of a long and successful career as a professional.

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Group cards for any special occasion:





Work anniversaries

Sympathy & Condolences

Get well soon


Teacher appreciation

New Baby

... and many more.