Teacher appreciation in a Group Card

SendGift group cards are perfect to give a special thank you to that teacher who has taught us so much throughout the course.

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A special thanks

Sending a thank you message to your teacher is a very special way of thanking them for everything they have taught you throughout the course.

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Special Message

Group card participants will be able to create very special thank you messages, adding personal images, text, GIFs and videos.


The group card personalization process is completely digital. This guarantees that anyone, from anywhere in the world, can be a participant in this magnificent gift.


As many people as you want can participate. There is no set limit of messages to add to the card.

Videos and songs

In addition to personal videos that you have stored on your device, you can also add to your message a YouTube video or a song that is special to the group. As simple as copying the video access link and pasting it in SendGift.

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Participation of all students

In the group thank you card to your teacher, all the students in the class and even other teachers from the school can participate.

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Group cards for any special occasion:





Work anniversaries

Sympathy & Condolences

Get well soon


Teacher appreciation

New Baby

... and many more.