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The revolution of Happy Anniversary eCards!

Is an anniversary coming up to celebrate? Is the wedding anniversary of your friends going to be celebrated in the next few days? Is the anniversary of your sister approaching?

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Celebrations of all kinds

Send your most amazing and special happy anniversary ecards with SendGift. You will find happy anniversary ecards for any anniversary or commemoration, be it a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a date to celebrate something special.

Schedule delivery

Create unique happy anniversary ecards to send by WhatsApp, text message or email. In addition, you can schedule your delivery so that the recipient will receive it on the date you desire.

Fully customizable and digital

As simple as selecting the happy anniversary ecard you like, personalizing it and sending it to the recipient. SendGift anniversary ecards are fully digital and you can send them anywhere in the world very easily.

Sustainability & Environment

Personalize it by adding photos, videos, special messages and even a digital gift. Without a doubt, the revolution of happy anniversary ecards has arrived and with it we also intend to have a positive impact on the environment. With each anniversary ecard is sent digitally with SendGift, a physical anniversary card, written on paper and pen, is not being sent, which has a highly positive impact on the sustainability of the planet.