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Do you want to send special messages or simply get well soon ecards to that person so special for you? Send it digitally with SendGift!

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A friend or family member is in the hospital or at home recovering from a minor illness? If during that period of time you want to see them but for whatever reason you can't, don't worry and send them a get well soon ecards with SendGift.

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Sign up now on SendGift and send your get well wishes and get well soon ecards for a speedy recovery. To send your get well soon ecards you just have to choose the ecard template you like the most and with which you know for sure they will smile. During these moments is when they need your support and encouragement to overcome this difficult situation.

Fully customizable and digital

You can personalize the get well soon ecards however you want, adding special photos with that person, a personal video, a song by their favorite artist or even a digital gift. For example, a digital gift could be a subscription to watch unlimited movies and series on Netflix, an ebook, a video game or a special dinner at a restaurant for when they recover.