Christmas eCards

Create your most incredible Christmas eGreetings you have ever seen and send them digitally wherever and whenever you want.

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The spirit of Christmas in SendGift Christmas eGreetings

Have you ever sent Christmas eGreetings? This is your chance! With SendGift you can create very special Christmas greetings easily and 100% digitally. Digital transformation has been changing the world and we want to help you adapt to the digital revolution in the simplest way possible.

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The new era of Christmas eGreetings

If you want to send Christmas eGreetings online to your friends or family, don't think twice and send them with SendGift. Creating your ecards digitally has many advantages over sending traditional Christmas cards.

Schedule delivery

Classic paper Christmas cards are static and often a bit simple, in addition, the recipient does not always receive them when we want since the shipping logistics do not depend on us. On the other hand, by sending your Christmas eGreetings you can guarantee their delivery at the exact time and day you prefer.

Fully customizable

Create Christmas ecards with unique and totally personalized designs, adding photos, messages, gifts and even a personal video wishing them a Merry Christmas. If this Christmas you want to surprise your loved ones, start creating your most special and totally digital Christmas ecards & Christmas eGreetings.