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Personalize the most special Valentine's Day eCards for the love of your life. Send lovely messages with the most special ecards in the world.

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Digital Valentine’s Day eCards without borders

Love does not understand borders and SendGift Valentine's Day eCards do not either, so you can create and send yours anywhere in the world with a single click.

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We all know how complicated it is sometimes not to be close to that person we love and want to hug so much at every moment, and precisely SendGift Valentine's Day eCards are ideal to feel that real closeness between two people who love each other.


Create your special and personalized Valentine's Day eCards very easily. You only have to select the ecard you like the most and then add a special loving message, photos that remember a unique moment and a personal loving video so that the person who receives it feels that although you are physically separated, your hearts will be together whatever happens.

Do you have a gift to deliver?

If you want the surprise to be even more special, you have the possibility of sending a gift along with your Valentine's Day eCards. For example, if you want to give them dinner in a nice restaurant, a stay in an incredible hotel or something as simple but special as seeing the stars together, you can add your gift on the Valentine's Day eCard.

Gift ideas

If you are clear that you want to give them a gift but you are doubting, we will help you find your ideal gift among all the gift ideas we offer on the website.