About us

A different way to send your gifts & eCards

One of our goals to achieve is to make people who are not physically together feel a real closeness experience.

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Send an eCard with SendGift means originality and surprise

We are a global company that does not understand about countries or borders. SendGift allows you to send your gift to any place in the world and bring hope wherever you are.

We are committed to the environment and we believe in building a more sustainable world. We want our customers to feel part of it with the purchase of our products.

SendGift loves Earth  

Our values


We try to offer an experience that allows you to surprise in the closest possible way.


Offer a wide range of template designs.

Dreams and hope

Bring hope wherever we send our eCards and gifts.


Ability to send and receive gifts immediately.


Looking for excellence.


Being committed to the environment.

Our objective

SendGift was born out of the need to offer a product that allows you to digitally send gifts & eCards to any part of the world at any time. It aims to reinvent the way in which gifts are currently sent and tries to offer an original and unique experience never seen before.

Digital Gift

It is designed to wrap and send all kinds of intangible gifts attached in the eCards, for example, tickets for sporting events, concerts, movies, festivals, hotel stays, trips, restaurant dinners, etc. In short, for those activities that we give away so many times but that we do not know how to wrap them since they are not physical gifts but they are experiences that we cannot touch. Surely they are the ones that we will remember with more affection over time.

Our goal is to become a benchmark brand in our area and that the public recognizes us for providing unique experiences to our customers. Always trying to transmit the maximum closeness, detail and immediacy that characterizes us.