Can we survive without our mobile phone?

Sun, July 19, 2020
Do you remember that during your childhood nobody had a mobile phone and we could live the same as now? Even, perhaps we were happier, since we had less worries.

The mobile phone has become a very important part of us, it accompanies us anywhere, but has a time come when we cannot live without it? Could it be that our mood depends exclusively on the mobile phone? Do we know how to live and move without it?

And it is that the mobile today is no longer as before when it was only used to call and practically in case of emergency. Today is our way of communicating with the people we care about, accompany us when we go out to play sports, we can respond to emails, listen to music, enjoy any game at any time, and much more.

A multitude of applications allow us to carry out all these actions and many more, and that creates a dependency on our mobile phone, to the point that, for example, we are not able to take the car or move anywhere without using Google Maps.
A very useful application, yes, but it is a double-edged sword, since before our parents or grandparents learned to orient themselves to find places where they had never been. We do not know what orientation is and as long as Google Maps exists we will never learn to orient ourselves.

The digital transformation in which we are immersed today makes the world move so fast and we do not even realize the actions we do or how we behave, but sometimes it is important to stop and reflect.

Wondering if we are doing it right, if technology is really helping us to advance but at the same time it is making us lose other things that until recently were part of our daily lives.

It is really necessary to ask ourselves where we are, where we want to go, and if we are enjoying the journey and if we are happy right now.