The best virtual teamwork activities

Wed, March 15, 2023
Virtual teamwork has become the norm for many companies around the world. As businesses become more global and people work from dispersed locations, it is important to have activities that encourage teamwork and collaboration online. Here are some of the best virtual team building activities:

Group Brainstorming: A popular activity that can be done virtually is group brainstorming. Team members can share ideas and suggestions using online communication tools, such as video conferencing or chat platforms. Small groups can be formed to discuss specific issues and then come back together to share the ideas that emerged.

Team Training Sessions: An effective virtual team building activity is group training. Team members can learn together and help each other solve problems. These sessions can be carried out virtually through video conferences or through participation in online courses.

Virtual Games: Virtual games are a great way to encourage teamwork and collaboration. There are many games that can be played online, from classic board games to role-playing and adventure games. Activities like this allow team members to connect and socialize while working together on a common goal. It's not like it's an activity meant to be done every week, but some fun from time to time to improve the chemistry between teammates is always good.

Virtual competitions: Virtual competitions are another way to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Teams can compete against each other in challenges and games that test their skills and ability to work together. These competencies may include problem-solving activities, role-playing, and simulations.

Online Brainstorming Sessions: Online brainstorming sessions are an effective way to stimulate creativity and innovation. Team members can share their ideas and suggestions using online communication tools, such as chat platforms or video conferencing. These sessions can be moderated by a team leader to ensure that all ideas are considered.

Virtual Team Meetings: Virtual team meetings are an important part of virtual teamwork. They allow team members to connect and discuss important issues or issues. Virtual meetings can be conducted using video conferencing tools and allow team members to interact face to face.
Coworkers in an online brainstorming session

Tools to improve team spirit at work

In summary, there are several team building activities that can be done virtually. From team building sessions to virtual competitions and online meetings, these activities can help foster teamwork and collaboration in virtual teams. When scheduling remote teamwork activities, it's important to consider the team's goals and choose activities that are appropriate for the specific situation and goals.

There are also other options to improve the chemistry between teammates and promote a good work environment, which often in a world so digitized and in which we may be working side by side with other people who live in another place very far from us, it's complicated.

That the company or organization to which we belong makes the necessary tools available to us so that communication between colleagues is as fluid as possible is key. The fact of not having the appropriate platforms to collaborate with other people in the organization can not only mean poor performance for the company, but can also bring bad feelings for employees.
Employee working remotely from home with internet connection

Give facilities to employees to improve their performance

Anything that makes life easier for the members of the organization so that they have no impediment in developing their maximum potential within it will greatly help the organization to grow. And we are no longer talking exclusively about tools that aim to speed up work or improve employee productivity, but about others, like SendGift, that can improve the chemistry between teammates in an incredible way.
Being able to give every member of an organization the possibility to create message boards to celebrate any special occasion online of a teammate, will make the relationship between them closer and truer. From sharing a message board with all of them so that everyone can add congratulatory messages to who's birthday, to sharing a board to write messages wishing the best to a colleague who is retiring after having dedicated a lifetime to the same company. Undertaking initiatives like these will make employees feel comfortable and at home, and that for them going to work will not be an odyssey but will become something very enjoyable and that they want to do every day.