Top 5 amazing digital gifts

Fri, May 15, 2020


Giving away a digital book means sharing an awesome experience without borders or barriers of any kind. It means giving that person a chance to get excited and perhaps to change their perspective on things.
There are a wide variety of websites that offer both ebooks and audiobooks, and some even do it for free for you to download.


Online courses

An online course always comes with an opportunity to grow and to learn a lot of new things. If your birthday gift is for someone restless and eager to learn new concepts, an online course is your ideal option. ClickBank offers courses in many areas, such as finance, technology, programming, drawing, cooking, sports, coaching, among others.

Discover the courses offered in:



Nowadays you can buy a lot videogames online and you they give you a code to download the game. So, do not give the code coldly and without any packaging. Wrap it with SendGift!


Music playlist

You can give away a personalized playlist with the type of music you choose. A good idea when you are choosing the songs is to take into account your friend's personality and character in order to create a playlist that s(he) will love for sure. It can be one of the best gift ideas you’ve ever had.
If you have the playlist stored on YouTube, Spotify or Itunes, wrap it in a digital gift and send it in an original way.

Spotify o iTunes

Netflix Subscription

One of the best birthday gift to give would be a Netflix subscription. Watch movies and series is always a good plan. If s(he) loves cinema, it will be the ideal gift. Netflix is ​​a streaming service that offers a wide variety of movies, series, anime titles, documentaries and other content on thousands of internet-connected devices.
You could watch all the content you want, when you want and without a single ad. All of this for a reduced monthly fee. There is always something new to discover, and new series and movies are published every week!