A special duo: sustainability and digital gifts

Wed, May 20, 2020
Wrapping and sending unique gifts digitally can greatly contribute to the sustainability of the planet. For each gift that we digitally wrap, we stop buying a roll of wrapping paper and we don’t use any transport to receive the package, through which it would negatively impact the planet by releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.
It is estimated that only for christmas presents, in a country of 100 million inhabitants, 50 million rolls of wrapping paper will be spent. Although some of that paper can later be recycled, it could be translated into a large dose of contamination for our planet.

According to the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), each year the deforestation of the world's forests increases by a indiscriminate felling of trees that are used for the production of paper and wood. According to this organization, for each tree that is cut, around 717 gift papers are produced.

Ecosystems, especially trees, play a fundamental role in the life cycle of nature, apart from being producers of paper and wood, they reduce the high rates of CO2 (carbon dioxide) contamination and help in the production and commercialization of water in the world.
It is for this reason that the less paper is consumed, less trees will be felled. With initiatives like ours it will be possible help and protect the environment. Would you like to know our commitment to the environment?


We want you to get involved with us in this big transformation and we invite you to wrap and send your unique gifts digitally with us in order to increase the levels of sustainability and feel you are a participant in this shift.

If you send unique gifts or christmas presents digitally and do not use the usual wrapping paper will not only make you contribute to the sustainability of the planet but you will also do something original and unique that can change the way in which the illusion is currently distributed in the world.