The journey looking for happiness

Mon, June 15, 2020
There was a time when money was the most important thing, possessions were the mainstay of society and the only thing that moved people. It certainly cannot be generalized either, but it is a perception that could be breathed on a day-to-day basis.

Everything we are experiencing with the collapse of sensations caused by the pandemic, for the moment of vital reflection, is leading us to make existential rethinks. Undoubtedly, they were necessary, this whirlpool in which our lives had become, where the motor was the inertia itself, was not sustainable for the general sanity.

Perhaps your life is full of joy and happiness, without an nothing of melancholy, or broken dreams, or unfinished paths. If so, fortune blows in your favor. But these lines are for all people who live an empty life, perhaps with the warmth of those around them, but with a deep and dark well from which they do not know how to get out. The lockdown derived from the appearance of this perverse virus has allowed us to stop, get out of our day to day life, and be able to think about ourselves.

Are we going on the right way?

In order to lead a full life, it is essential to have all the basic needs covered. It's not about what you have, but what fills you up. Everything that makes you get up every morning wanting to conquer the world. Those who have it may not be aware of how lucky they are.

There are different pillars on which our life is based, without a balance we are destined for a transition between cruel and dark melancholy. But we can wake up and look for the light that illuminates us, that gives us the energy to start pushing hard.

We have to take advantage of the moment and reflect on whether the path in which our existence is going is the one we really want, the one we need. We must analyze if we are spending quality time with those who really matter to us, or if on the contrary we let work swallow us up in the whirlpool of oblivion.

Love yourself and let yourself be loved

Certainly, "Yes we can" has been said many times. It may seem like a meaningless phrase, an absurd chimera. Not always what you want is possible to obtain, but for this you have to do a realistic introspection in which you can combine personal happiness with the happiness of those around you.

You may discover that when you give to those you love you receive much more than you expected. Never forget about you, or the ones you love the most. Distribute smiles, distribute joy, distribute goodness, distribute life.