Virtual tours as best friend gifts

Sun, June 14, 2020
During the pandemic, one of the most affected sectors has been tourism. Air travel and other means of transportation have completely stopped, hotels or restaurants have completely closed in many countries. The effects of the pandemic are still devastating in some parts of our planet, but we are going to recover from it, we have to do it!

Although it is true that perhaps for a time we will no longer travel with the same influx as we used to, many of the low cost companies have been forced to close and that could mean a high increase in the cost of tickets in the future. Traveling could become something not accessible to all audiences.

When virtual tours become original best friend gifts

As a consequence of the closure of low cost airlines and the total stoppage of trips to the typical tourist destinations, many tourist attractions have been forced to reinvent themselves, offering virtual tours. So people from all over the world can visit the most spectacular places in the world without moving from the sofa. To those of them who celebrated their birthday during the pandemic they have made best friend gifts of this type!

This is the case of some of the guides of several safaris in the African savannah. Before the coronavirus they were used to doing multiple routes with foreign tourists who came to these exotic places to see with their own eyes the fauna and flora that is typical of those regions, and that if you do not go at least once in your life, you will not be able to see it anywhere else.

Many entities are offering virtual tours as an alternative

With the advance of new technologies and the catastrophic coronavirus pandemic, many people around the world can enjoy a wonderful tour of the African savannah from their own home in any country in the world.

Similar cases occur with the Great Wall of China, which also offers a virtual tour for $5/person for the most curious virtual tourists. The Yosemite National Park, in the United States, offers a free tour with the same characteristics, in which you can enjoy wonderful views that will surely surprise you, and all without leaving your couch.

How many of us have given a spectacular trip or a weekend trip to a family member or a friend? Surely you've ever thought of some best friend gifts or graduation gifts like this! With the arrival of virtual tourism, we make it easier for you.