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Benefits for Companies: How to Successfully Celebrate

Discover how SendGift strengthens teams and fosters customer loyalty. An essential tool for celebrating and connecting in the business world.

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The best ideas to motivate a team that works remotely

Discover the best ideas to motivate your teleworking team. Clear communication, clear goals, teamwork, recognition and well-being are key to maintaining motivation and success.

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Memorial Online to honor the memory of loved ones

Create an online memorial to honor the memory of your loved ones. A good memorial site will provide you with everything you need to create a lasting tribute that honors your friend or family member.

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How to become the perfect leader

The profile of the perfect leader in organizations has evolved over the years. There is much to learn to become one of them.

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The best virtual teamwork activities

The rise of remote work in companies has led to a proliferation of initiatives and specific work activities for virtual teams

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What are the benefits of teleworking?

Remote work is already a reality in the vast majority of companies in the world, but what are the benefits of working remotely?

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How to create a positive environment at work

There are many things you can do to create a positive work environment for your colleagues and ultimately improve morale among them as well

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