Gifts for men: the best gifts for dad

Wed, June 17, 2020
Father's Day is a special date for all of them, fatherhood is celebrated and the day is usually shared with family and friends. We are also often given gifts for dad, to remind them of the amazing fathers they are and how much we love them.

Perhaps, it is a day that you usually forget and in which you have not had time to go to buy one of the best gifts for dad or you just find yourself in another place and just that day, due to different circumstances in life, you won't be able to be with him physically.

We want to share different gift for men with which you surely surprise him and make his day very special and make him feel proud of the family he has.

Concert tickets

You can give him some tickets to a concert of his favorite singer. He will surely be looking forward to attending and he will love it. It is one of the easiest gifts for men to deliver digitally.

You can buy your tickets at:


Wine tasting

A special gift for wine lovers. A tour to a winery with wine tasting included is one of the best gifts for dad. He can enjoy a unique experience drinking exquisite wines that he will like.

Escape Room

Enjoying a family day in an escape room is something unique and funny. Solving the mysteries together is something that he will enjoy a lot, since each one contributes a different point of view that helps to pass the test of the final enigma.

Karting Race

If he is passionate about motor sports, he will surely love to share with his family an afternoon driving karts on a real circuit. The whole family can participate in a race together to see who is the fastest!

Sporting events tickets

If he loves a specific sport and is the number one fan of his favorite team, give him some tickets to attend a game at his stadium. You will surely surprise him and he will love them.
The previous gifts for men are some of the options you have to make your gifts for dad unforgettable and remembered for a long time. Each of the aforementioned gifts may be sent digitally to the recipient without the need to be physically with him on that special day, since sometimes for different circumstances it may not be possible.

But just because you can't be together physically doesn't mean that he will receive the gift in a cold way in a vulgary gift wrap. He will receive it in a spectacular and totally digital way thanks to SendGift. You can add photos, a video congratulating him, a special message and the gift, whether they are attached tickets to go to a concert or proof of reservation for an activity such as a room scape.

In addition, you will be able to schedule the delivery of the package to arrive on the day and time you choose. Because of that there will be no problems in the delivery and you will also be notified when the recipient has opened the gift.

You will surely surprise him and when he opens the best gifts for dad he will feel that although physically you may be separated by thousands of kilometers, you are together in your hearts.