Tips to improve teleworking

Sat, June 20, 2020
In the times that we are and since the famous pandemic arrived, many of us have been forced to radically change the way we work. We were used to getting up every morning ready to go to the office, and suddenly, from one day to the next, all that changed. Now we telework from our house and our day to day is totally different.

So all these great changes in our life do not negatively affect our performance at work or our relationship with our workmates, we will give you different tips that will surely help you:

Create your workspace

Just like when you are in the office and have your workspace, with all the things you need and where you came to every day doing the same routine. At home you should create a quiet workplace where you can focus, make it your own and be the same every day.

It is recommended to establish routines

It is recommended to establish daily routines to increase your time organization and productivity. You can set up some breaks similar to what you did when you worked in the office. In addition, establishing routines is especially necessary when you live with your family and young children at home, who may find it difficult to understand that when their parents are working they cannot be with them. During the days of lockdown it was a further difficulty that the children could not go to school and some parents had to work from home while also had to take care of their children.

Try to avoid distractions and interruptions

It is recommended to avoid distractions and interruptions, such as putting some washing machines or dishwashers and having to be aware of when you finish to go to hang clothes to dry. These are tasks that will ensure that we do not keep an eye on work and that we can easily lose focus. Other interruptions could be caused by over-ordering products online, taking advantage of the fact that we are at home all day, and that the carrier brings packages too frequently, It will make us more aware of when they will ring the bell than of working.


It is important and recommended to take breaks from time to time. Experts recommend resting every 2 hours and getting up from your workspace to not being always in the same position.

Hygiene in the morning

When we have to go to the office we get up in the morning and take a shower, brush our teeth, get ready, etc. Working at home does not mean that you cannot do it, so it is highly recommended to follow the same routine as if you were going to the office, so when you sit in front of the computer you can be highly productive. Getting up in the morning and going straight from bed to the laptop without practically changing your clothes will not help you improve performance at work.

Team work

For many of us working remotely is something new to which we have had to adapt quickly. It is important to try to maintain fluid and agile communication with the team, be proactive, make virtual meetings when necessary and constantly contact each other so that everyone notices that you are following the tasks planned in the calendar.