Virtual Escape Room: incredible gift ideas

Fri, June 19, 2020
Have you ever enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in an escape room with family or friends? Have you ever considered it as one of the best gift ideas that exist today? If the answer is NO, you should seriously consider it. It is one of the gift ideas with which you will enjoy the most and with which you will have the best time. It does not matter if you are thinking on gifts for friends or you want to enjoy it with the family or with your partner. You will surely have a great time!

An escape room is an activity that takes place in groups of people, usually friends or family, although they are also organized for companies, you can attend with colleagues, etc. It consists of locking the entire team in a room from which they have to leave solving a riddle in a certain time. If it is resolved before the established time, the escape room can be overcome.
There are escape rooms with of different topics: sport, nature, history, science, etc. But the goal to achieve is always the same, to be able to leave before time runs out. To solve the riddle it does not matter only the ingenuity, also a good dose of teamwork is required and the team has to be complemented and coordinated very well, only then you could reach the goal.

It is an activity that can help children develop their instincts and skills, while having a great time, as it is still a fun game.

Gifts for friends: digitization of the escape rooms

Many times they are gifts for friends with whom you can enjoy a wonderful time together. Collaborating together will create a special bond between you. Although they are not only gift ideas for friends, but they can become beautiful gift ideas for family, couples, etc.

Although the escape rooms until today were located in a place that we had to attend at a certain time to develop this activity. Since the arrival of the pandemic, many of them have had to reinvent themselves, bringing with them a new way of solving riddles and playing virtual games.

The virtual escape room is something very new and that just now is beginning to make itself known. They can be funnier than the usually escape rooms and could have several advantages. One of them is that you can play from anywhere in the world with your mobile device, your computer or your tablet, when previously it was very limited to the area in which you lived, in the end you only used to attend those that you had relatively close to home.
Another great advantage of virtual escape rooms is that you can start playing at any time and with whoever you want. Instead of it, in the usually escape rooms, if you have a friend in Europe and you live in the United States, you could never have participated in an escape room together. Now, thanks to the virtual escape rooms, all that is possible!

If you are thinking about giving original gift ideas to your family or gifts for friends, do not hesitate and make a reservation in a virtual escape room. You can play from your home and connected by videoconference, you will love it.

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