Password manager, useful graduation gifts

Tue, June 23, 2020
In the era in which we live, where technology is practically taking center stage and our evolution is directly based on it, the amount of data that we have to store increases every day.

But, that does not mean that our head has to store all that information that we could save on a paper written with a pen.

One of the problems that affects us directly in our day to day is where to store the passwords of all the websites we register. If a security expert analyzes the credentials of many of us, he would surely see big gaps that would expose our whole lives to being stolen by a good hacker or identity thief.

Every day we register on web pages, we access our Facebook profile, Instagram or any other social network, we access our bank account from our mobile or computer, we make a reservation for holidays, a dinner in a restaurant or buy anything on Amazon or Walmart. All these actions require an account registration with some credentials, and those credentials are that make us vulnerable.
Surely a lot of people use the same password for all the websites they access, and that is a big problem, because if a password is stolen you are leaving the door open for practically your entire life.

There will be others who keep their passwords in a paper written by pen, that’s not bad but if one day the paper is lost you will not be able to access any site. Others, prefer to have a word document or a text document on their computer or a pen drive, perhaps it is a better option, but if the computer breaks down for whatever reason, you will lose everything, and the same will happen with a pen drive.

Actually, having a place to store all your passwords safely and quickly is a necessity that exists today and to which different companies already provide a real solution. Some of them are the following:









Although, it is true that many of these solutions are always criticized since in the end you are entrusting your most valuable information to a third party, and you never know what they do with it. It is clear that the aforementioned systems are secure and have millions of clients around the world, both individuals and companies, but it is always difficult for us to leave our information in the hands of others, it is something that we cannot avoid.

Password managers as graduation gifts

We all know someone who is very clueless and who has a big problem remembering all their passwords, but has not yet remedied it. If so, one of the best graduation gifts will be a subscription to one of the mentioned password manager services.

We know that there are graduation gifts that are surely more spectacular and perhaps it may seem to you that a password manager can be classified in the category of boring graduation gifts. However, believe us, it won't be if you deliver it with SendGift's digital gift wrap. You will be able to add a video, photos and a congratulatory message that they will love. It will be a spectacular graduation gifts!