The new generation of anniversary cards

Wed, June 24, 2020
During the pandemic, without wanting to, we have distanced ourselves little by little from our friends and family, we have been forced to isolate ourselves in our home and go out just to the supermarket or walk a little bit. This has greatly reduced dinners in restaurants, stays with friends, family gatherings and other activities that we used to carry out almost routinely and to which perhaps we now realize that we did not give them all the importance they deserved.

One of the activities we used to do was celebrate a friend or family member's birthday together in a restaurant or in a big party with lots of attendees. For a time, we have not been able to do it, and we will have to reinvent the way we send anniversary cards or gifts to our friends.

What are anniversary cards?

Anniversary cards are similar to postcards that are sent by mail, but in which a dedication and a congratulation is written for the birthday person. It is always very exciting to receive an anniversary cards, and we keep them with love.

For a few years now, there are digital anniversary cards that can be sent via email to the address of your friend or family member. They will receive it on their birthday without problem. Still, digital anniversary cards are sometimes a little bland and simple, and don't accomplish with what we want. Because we want to send spectacular anniversary cards that make a good impression and surprise everyone.

Digital gift wraps, the new generation anniversary cards

This is precisely where the SendGift digital gift wraps are born, a unique service that allows you to wrap any gift digitally and send it to whoever you want. We could say that they are the evolution of anniversary cards. Since with the anniversary cards you can send a written message to the birthday person, but nothing more. For example, if you want to give away a gift, you can't send it to them attached with the anniversary cards, and when opening the anniversary cards it may seem a bit simple and bland.

On the other hand, digital wraps allow you to wrap any gift in a unique way, being able to choose between multiple design templates, as we do with anniversary cards. You can also add a personalized greeting video, photos and a message, and all digitally. You can also attach your gift and the recipient can download it, such as if they are tickets to a concert.