Useful WhatsApp tricks you don't know

Thu, June 25, 2020
WhatsApp is the most used application today on our mobile phones. But, many times we are using a tool in a certain way and we no longer consider doing it in a different way or even discovering new features or tricks that the application acquires over time.

Today we want to show you some WhatsApp tricks that you surely did not know and that will surprise you.

Use WhatsApp on other devices

Maybe you have only used WhatsApp on mobile devices, but today it can be used on computers, tablets or any other device. You will only have to navigate to the WhatsApp Web page and there scan the QR code that appears from your mobile terminal. WhatsApp will quickly appear on your computer screen and you can start using it normally.

This is usefull if you hace to do something on the computer and you don’t want to be changing from your computer to the mobile phone, and for that reason is useful to work only from one screen.

Share stories during a specified time interval

It is one of the features that WhatsApp incorporated a while ago, and that many people already use. It is comparable to Instagram stories. You can add a photo or share a status for a certain time with all your contacts or only with those you want. After that time interval, the story will disappear and will no longer be available for anyone.

Features: Export a conversation

You can export a conversation to any other platform. In the main menu you have to select "More" and then select "Export chat", then it will show you the different applications you have on the device and through which you can export your chat history of that specific conversation. You can save it or send it by email wherever you want.

Tricks: save multimedia content automatically or not

You can decide if all the multimedia content that you receive and send through WhatsApp is automatically saved in your gallery on the terminal. In case you do not want to save it, since in the end much content may be from groups, and you are not interested in doing so, you can configure it in the application menu.