Are we traveling beyond our means?

Sun, June 28, 2020
Until relatively very few years ago, practically all the people we knew had not left their country or had visited a foreign country, it even seemed strange to us and surely if they had made that trip it was for something more important than a simple vacation or a weekend trip.

And it is that until not many years ago, traveling was something related to people of the upper class or with more economic power. Anyone from the middle or lower class could not afford to spend a weekend in Europe if they lived in New York, for example, or travel in 3 days from east coast to west coast of the United States just to enjoy a little vacation.

Instead, today, with the arrival of low cost airlines, all this is possible. You can fly from America to Europe in about 6 hours and for a fairly affordable price.

Low Cost airlines have made available to everyone the chance to discover different cultures and incredible places that perhaps a long time ago we could not have imagined. Probably, many of our grandmothers had not left their small town and could not know some of the incredible places on this wonderful planet.

Is it sustainable for our planet?

But, although traveling is something spectacular, we must bear in mind that, for example, a transport such as the plane, consumes a large amount of fuel and with each flight they contaminate our planet to a great extent. And it is that the airplane is one of the means of transport that most negatively affects the environment.

This may lead us to think that we could reduce the amount of travel we may do in a year by plane and that we could do it by other means of transport or that we could simply stop doing it and replace them with other types of events.

For example, there are a large number of people who take a plane every day to attend business meetings that they could perhaps do from home by videoconference. This is one of the issues that perhaps with the passage of the pandemic we can improve and the same pandemic will help us see that it is possible to work in a different way and obtain the same results.

For example, we have to ask ourselves that instead all the people who go to work by plane, train or car every day and did it from home, would greatly reduce the pollution levels of the planet and consume much less resources?

Have you ever considered setting a limit on leisure travel per year? In other words, is it limited to being able to travel by plane every weekend of the month to only being able to take it once a month to go on vacation? Perhaps it is something that someday the same levels of pollution on the planet will force us to establish, or perhaps the same airline prices end up regulating travel as before, when only high-class people traveled, knowing what this means for the rest of us.

All these questions can be raised in the near future, and even more so in a time of change with which we are, in which the pandemic is bringing with it changes that perhaps we could never have imagined.