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Save water for a positive environmental impact

Discover a new way to save water that is already being implemented in some countries and that will have a very large positive environmental impact.

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Environment & happy birthday ecards

The digital transformation of happy birthday ecards can contribute very positively to the sustainability of the planet.

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Gift ideas, trees and deforestation

Gift ideas like planting a tree to avoid deforestation is something special that has a great impact on the environment.

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Environmentally friendly conveyance

Our planet is everyone's responsibility and respecting the environment is something that we should do every day and that we should be aware of.

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Environment & digital greeting cards

The conservation of the planet is everyone's responsibility, and small details like send a greeting card digitally can make a difference.

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Are we traveling beyond our means?

Do you think we travel too much and that with the passage of time it can have a negative impact on us in some way?

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A special duo: sustainability and digital gifts

Wrap unique gifts or christmas presents digitally can contribute very positively to the sustainability of our planet.

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