The 5 best programs for video conferences 2020

Tue, June 30, 2020
With the passing of the pandemic, for better or for worse, we have been forced to change the way we work. Instead of going to have coffee with coworkers or having a meeting in a room all together, now we do all that in virtual rooms or video conferences.

In record time we have learned how to make video conferences with coworkers or even have a coffee or a virtual break in which we can share our impressions through video conferences.

Due to these great changes that have occurred in recent months, we believe that it is really important to know which are the best programs for video conferences. Since we have been forced to start working online from our homes from one day to the next, knowing that all of this affects on our habits and our learning.

The best considered video conference programs for this year 2020 are the following:


Nowadays it is one of the most popular platforms, since it is very easy to use and its free plan allows you to have up to 100 participants in the same meeting.

In addition, users will be able to plan unlimited meetings for free. It is being more and more popular very quickly and everybody will talk about in the near future.

Microsoft Teams

It is the solution for companies that Microsoft offers. Perhaps it is a very good option for large companies, since there are multiple features that add a lot of value. However, perhaps for small companies their monthly price is a little high.

Among them, apart from the classic calendar with the scheduling of all meetings, the creation of teams or group chats in which you can share all kinds of documents in real time stand out. You can also edit the same document as your colleague at the same time, as long as you have both permissions to do so.


It is the classic program for video conferencing and the one that is more popular. Who today can say that they have never made a video conference on Skype? Still, perhaps it is a solution that for individuals works like a charm but for companies it lacks many functions such as those provided by Microsoft Teams, which can works as a Cloud in which to store project documentation and all our work documents.


Oovoo has incredible ease of use and a spectacular mobile application for both Android and iOS. It has great sound and image benefits for both mobile phones and PCs or Macs.

By cons, it can be said that it is a product more focused on a particular use or small companies, since it only supports a maximum of eight users per session.

Google Meet

It is the service with which Google intends to be closer to companies, since for individuals they opt for Google Hangouts.

Google Meet has pricing plans starting at $5/month per user. One of its advantages is that it can be integrated with G Suite, whose utility is very great for companies. Using it is very simple and intuitive and available to anyone.

On the other hand, sometimes getting in touch with the support team can be a bit complicated. If you cannot solve your doubts through the FAQ’s, it will be difficult for you to contact them because they do not have any live chat.