Birthday gifts during quarantine

Wed, July 1, 2020
Pandemic COVID-19 have been chasing us for a few days, and for that reason many countries are in a critical situation right now. We know that the moment we are in, the quarantine, the lockdown, does not allow us to visit our loved ones or have dinner with our friends as we used to do every week.

However, the virus seems to have come to stay, at least for a time, and that has forced us to reinvent our way of life, habits, way of working or how we communicate with our loved ones.

Surely, during the quarantine, one of your friends or family has celebrated their birthday and it has been difficult for you to give them a gift, simply because you have not been able to see them or because logistics in times of quarantine often does not work correctly.

Birthday gifts during quarantine or birthday gifts during covid lockdown

We want to give you a solution to deliver your birthday gifts during quarantine or birthday gifts during covid lockdown.

We know that the situation is not ideal, but we want it to be, simply because you deserve all that and much more and we do not want the pandemic to affect our way of life. That's why SendGift is set up as a company, it is a service that allows you to send your birthday gifts during quarantine or birthday gifts during covid lockdown 100% digitally but at the same time in a totally close way.

You can create your ideal birthday gift wrap, there are multiple templates so you can choose your favorite one. You can also add a congratulatory video that you can record with your mobile. You can also add photos, a congratulatory text message and even the attached birthday gifts during quarantine so the recipients can download it and enjoy it whenever they want.

You can wrap tickets for shows, sporting events, trips, courses or any other experience. If you don't know what to give, do not worry. We will share gift ideas that can easily be wrapped by us and will surely surprise your loved one.

SendGift is the one and only solution on the market to wrap and send gifts digitally. It will revolutionize the way birthday gifts are currently wrapped.