Give away a digitally wrapped summer

Wed, June 3, 2020
Can't wait for holidays? We bring you some birthday gift ideas to give away experiences in summer. We have built a list of unique gifts for summer that you can easily wrap and send digitally:

Guided jet ski route

Jet ski routes are the perfect activity both for those looking for an adventure trip and a dose of adrenaline, and for those looking for a quiet and relaxed activity alone, with family or friends, enjoying the sea.

Dream trip

Summer is the time for amazing and unforgettable vacations and trips. Give away the dream trip to any part of the world: New York, Sydney or any city in Europe, among others.

You can book stays anywhere in the world in:


Some tickets for a music festival

During summer holidays there are a lot of outdoor music festivals to attend. If your friend is a music fanatic or there is a concert of his/her favorite artist, you have a good chance to go together.

Water park tickets

A very refreshing activity that is very appealing in summer is to spend a day in a water park. A gift full of energy that for sure will surprise everybody!

Scuba Diving

A diving experience is one of the best birthday gift ideas to give to lovers of nature, the sea and adventure. If it is his/her first time on scuba diving you can give him/her a an introduction course, but if s(he) is an expert you can give a more advanced course. Surely it will be A gift full of nature, elegance and peace.

Online Courses

Summer is an ideal time when we may have that free time that we lack during the rest of the year. If your gift is addressed to someone restless and eager to learn new things, an online course is your right choice. There are a lot of courses in many areas, such as finance, technology, programming, drawing, cooking, sports, coaching, among others.

Find the one you are looking for in:


Ebooks & Audiobooks

During the summer we can relax and invest time in our hobbies and one of them is reading. A digital book or an audiobook are always good birthday gift ideas.