Birthday gift: Amazing experiences

Tue, June 9, 2020
SendGift wants to make each experience that is given away the most beautiful as possible. We invite you to wrap and send your unique gifts with us, you will love it!
Experiences are unforgettable and unique gifts to get out of the routine, they do not take up space, they give us happiness ... For these and many other reasons is why we should give experiences instead of material objects. They are an extraordinary way to show our love and best wishes to our loved ones.

We live in a consumer society. We spend money that we could invest in other things. We are overwhelmed because there are many birthday gift that we make by commitment and in a hurry, our houses are full of junk that we will never use... And the worst of all is that we are not satisfied.

Do not misunderstand us: giving away is a beautiful expression of love and, if you take into account the needs of the other person, it can become a very emotional and considerate action. But, unlike objects, experiences do not take up space and make us feel full of vitality and close to our loved ones. For this reason we want to give importance to giving experiences above all else.
It is important to carry out different activities to open our minds and see that there are different worlds outside of our daily lives.

Tickets to a concert, a cooking course, a yoga class, a trip ... These are birthday gift ideas that your family, partner or friends will never forget. Objects come and go, are damaged, are forgotten in a drawer, or disappear. But these unique gifts are the ones which we will remember year after year.