A happy birthday video is already a unique gift

Wed, July 22, 2020
Have you ever thought about all the material things that have been given to you for your birthday, for Christmas or for any other reason, and today you don't even know where you kept them?

Material gifts are something very beautiful sometimes, but after a while they lose their charm and many times we forget about them. We live in a consumer society in which we are only concerned with having more and more things, although after a while we don't even remember them.

So we want to give you an idea to give a special gift to someone you love very much. A personal happy birthday video with your dose of humor and reminding how much you love them.

Happy birthday videos are unique gifts for life

Recording a happy birthday video with your mobile will not cost you much time and it is surely one of the few unique gifts that are free and can make a spectacular impression.

Happy birthday videos don't have to be long and boring, but a short and direct happy birthday video can create great feelings for whoever is watching it.

But, surely you are wondering, how do I send that person my spectacular happy birthday video? That's where SendGift will help you! Sending a happy birthday video by WhatsApp directly, coldly and without any type of wrapping, may make the happy birthday video not so much special when the recipient receives it.

To avoid that, SendGift offers you the possibility of wrapping your happy birthday video in a spectacular digital gift wrap so that the recipient will be amazed and will remember your unique gift for a lot of time.

With SendGift's digital gift wrap, in addition to the happy birthday video, you can add photos, a message and even an attached gift, in case you want to give them, for example, some tickets to go to the cinema. You can choose between multiple design templates, as if it were material wrapping paper, you will love it!

You will receive a notification when the recipient has opened your unique gift, this way you will know if they have already seen your spectacular happy birthday video or not yet. In addition, they will be able to respond by thanking you and telling you how much they liked your happy birthday video.