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Ecards That Can Be Signed By A Group

Create now ecards that can be signed by a group and share them online so that the recipient receives a digital card for group to sign whenever you prefer

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Cards for Farewell and Virtual Farewell Cards

Does any colleague start a new stage and do you want to give them a nice detail? Personalizing SendGift virtual farewell cards is the best option!

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Best occasions to send group greeting cards

Discover the best occasions to send group greeting cards: birthday greeting, wedding greeting, graduation greeting and many more.

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The best group greeting & group greeting cards

Create now the best group greeting cards and send special group greetings online with SendGift. Share and collaborate with all your friends and family.

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How to create a Group eCard Free

Discover how to create a group ecard free in a very simple way and share it with other people so that they collaborate and sign it in a special way.

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The best retirement message for a happy retirement

As a token of appreciation for all those years of work that you have shared together. Create the best retirement messages to wish them a happy retirement.

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Share online wedding congrats messages

Create online wedding congrats messages to share with all your family and friends. Everyone will congratulate you and the celebration will be unique.

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