Digital Love: Infatuation & Love Stories

Mon, September 14, 2020
We are immersed in a time of great changes due to the disruption of the digital world in our lives. And it is that digitization has allowed us to benefit from great things but at the same time perhaps it is taking away others that we must try to supply in the best possible way using technology.

Digitization allows us to be in contact with anyone in the world at any time and wherever we want. A priori it is an amazing and very positive advantage, but if we analyze how we are evolving over time, it is not entirely clear that technology is helping us to relate to each other, at least in the same way that we did before.

In the midst of all this digital world in which we are living today, we find infatuation and the classic love stories. Love is something unique and not all of us can relate it to digitization but as time goes by it gets closer and closer.

Nowadays, love is totally digital?

In recent years, a lot of applications to find love through the internet have appeared out of nowhere. Like everything in life, they have their advantages and disadvantages.

With an application to find love on the internet, practically anyone is within reach. Previously, love stories were forged in person, face to face, meeting with the real person physically, however today any love story can start in an application like Tinder and be a completely real crush.

Even so, many people still distrust these applications as there are people who misuse them by creating fake profiles or taking any other actions.

A platonic love at your fingertips?

With tools to find love online, do we have our platonic love closer? In this issue, perhaps technology has played an important role.

Previously, any boy or girl we liked and that we considered our platonic love, was highly difficult to reach unless we could strike up a face-to-face conversation in person, but for being a platonic love that was highly unlikely.

Today, oddly enough, we can start a conversation with our platonic love through the internet or mobile applications. As easy as following them on the social networks or interacting through chat.

Is infatuation easier for shy people?

Do shy people have an easier infatuation if love is totally digital? Well maybe yes! Love has always been courage, dedication, heart and feelings, and shy people may find it much more difficult to show their feelings in public or when dealing with others personally, face to face.

Surely the applications to find love online have allowed them to express themselves and show their feelings without doubts or hesitate when speaking, at least during the first conversation via chat.

On the other hand, there will be others who think that these applications have no future and that any relationship created there is doomed to failure. However, what is clear is that applications to find love have been booming in recent years and with each passing day they have more users and more people get to know each other through them.

But It is true that the use given to this type of applications is always the responsibility of the consumer, in the end they will not serve their purpose and we will be missing a great tool to meet people that surely in our day to day we would not have within our reach.

Turn digital love stories into reality

The day always comes when love stories have to be translated into reality. They have probably started a friendly chat conversation through an app to find love, but the day always comes when they have to become reality.

It is on those days that lifelong love stories can be created or relationships can be ruined in a single moment, a single glance, or a single gesture.

So that the latter does not happen, it is important that the beginning of the relationship established online, is sincere and as true as possible, since otherwise we can get very unpleasant surprises and very big disappointments.

Ecards to surprise your crush

When we are meeting a person through an online application, sometimes it is difficult to surprise them or send them special messages. However, there are different applications, such as SendGift, that allow you to create love eCards or greeting eCards to send to your dearest person. You can send them unique love messages, photos, videos and even a special love song that you know they will like.

At SendGift, you have a lot of eCards available to send on any occasion. If you are away from your love, you can even send a good morning eCard to wish them a happy day, or also a good night eCard for thinking and dreaming all night with you.