Search for happiness or learn how to feel happy

Sun, September 6, 2020
How many times have you thought about how to live happily, go out in search for happiness or discover how to feel happy? These are questions that we ask ourselves every minute, every hour, every day, perhaps every moment of our life.

But do we really think about it enough? And more importantly, do we take risks to search for happiness?

The time our life lasts and the time in which we are on this wonderful planet is limited and the vast majority of times we do not take it into account. Most of us just follow the cycle of life, the course of life that someone previously designed and that with the passing of the generations varies more or less but always has the same meaning.

But does it really make sense? That is, if we consider living happily for a limited time that our lives last, should we do things or actions that others advise us or want us to do?

Seen from this point of view, quite extreme, it is difficult to understand or question whether it is worth going to work every morning in a place that does not motivate us or to participate in any action with which we are not satisfied and totally happy by carrying it out.

Now, it is true that for better or for worse we cannot do what we want when we want, since the system is built in a way that does not allow us to do it. But, that does not imply that we cannot learn to search for happiness, live happy or discover how to feel happy.

Money can’t buy happiness, the classic cliché

Money can’t buy happiness, the classic cliché that usually always appears, is it really true or completely false?

While it is true that money can’t buy happiness in terms of feelings and heart. With money you can buy many things but not feelings, hearts or moods.

Although it is also true that having enough money, which for somebody will be a lot and for others it will be little, you can live a more or less relaxed life. But we must never fall into temptation or be guided by instincts that lead us astray.

That is, we must find a balance and always keep in mind a maxim: looking for money does not mean looking for happiness. And we can get up every day and work the whole day, not because we need the money to survive but simply because we want more, and more and more, and that will make us focus on only work and money, and on the contrary, we forget what can really make us happy.

And it is that what really makes us happy are feelings, caresses, family, friends, sharing moments, all are things that money cannot buy and do not help us to search for happiness or to discover how to feel happy.

How do I do it to search for happiness or live happy?

Searching for happiness or discovering how to feel happy for some people is very simple and for others very complex. The really important thing is to get closer little by little to the things you like and close to them you will live happily and therefore find happiness.

Searching for happiness is not a matter of making a single decision, but rather a series of decisions taken in a certain direction to build a path that will allow us to reach our goal: live happy.

And there are people who believe that discovering how to feel happy is a matter of a certain moment, and it is not like that, we must first know ourselves internally and know where we want to go, and from there follow our path and our instincts.

It is also true that not all people have the same decision-making power or enough courage to decide where to go from the first moment. There are many people who find their passion but find it difficult to make a decision that allows them to leave everything behind to focus only on searching for happiness and live happily.

For example, someone who loves scuba diving, who forgets everything when underwater, finds peace, calm in his soul, and is really HAPPY. However, his daily work means that instead of being able to enjoy his passion under the sea, s(he) has to spend a whole day sitting in a bank office.

That is where the turning point of your life can be that will allow you to live happily ever after or search for happiness elsewhere, somewhere else. And it is that s(he) has an important decision to make, to continue with his work earning a fixed salary at the end of the month that allows him/her to have a stable life but not completely happy as s(he) would like, or to leave his job and launch herself in search of happiness in a new profession or a new life as a scuba instructor on a Caribbean island paradise.

An existential dilemma, which many of us on a more or less scale, surely have had throughout our lives, and the decision we make is not definitive but it does mark a direction in our intention to search for happiness, live happy or discover how to feel happy.

And it is that as we said, searching for happiness or learning how to feel happy is not only a decision in life but a series of decisions that will lead us to achieve our final goal: HAPPINESS