Christmas eGreetings in times of pandemic

Mon, November 2, 2020
And you, how are you going to celebrate Christmas this year? How can we give our Christmas egreetings or Christmas gifts if we still do not know if we can meet with our loved ones? These are questions that surely many people in any country in the world are currently asking themselves.

Being able to meet at Christmas for the classic family lunch or dinner, may not be possible not only for the simple fact that it is not recommended and in many cases the meetings of more than a certain number of people are prohibited, but because today traveling to see your relatives in another country or even an area of ​​it, is extremely complicated due to the anti-contagion measures that are being taken.

All these aspects mean that this year, Christmas is probably not celebrated in the usual way we were used to in previous years and this will imply changes at the logistical level. For example, if we cannot meet physically with family members, how are we going to deliver Christmas gifts? Will we send them by ordinary mail, by digital means or will we simply wait for better times to deliver them?

How to send Christmas gifts without leaving the sofa

The most classic way to send Christmas gifts in case you cannot meet your family or friends, is to send them by ordinary mail to their home. But, this will lead to an absolutely overwhelmed logistics and parcel companies due to the high number of people who will place orders online. Are you going to risk that your order is lost, arrives with errors or delayed?

The best option so that none of the aforementioned happens is to send your Christmas gifts together with SendGift Christmas ecards. Completely digital Christmas ecards with which you can deliver your digital Christmas gifts in the blink of an eye, send it to the country you want and that the recipient receives it on the date and time you prefer. With SendGift you will not have any type of delay in the delivery of your package nor will you depend on any logistics chain, you will simply have to select when you want to deliver it and we will do the rest.

Also, as if this were not enough, when the recipient has opened your Christmas gift, you will receive a notification and a message from him/her thanking you for the special surprise you have made.

Right now you may be surprised and do not understand how Christmas gifts can be digitally sent anywhere in the world and in a single click. Well, it is so easy how to buy your gift and wrap it completely digitally with SendGift, and if you are still not sure which Christmas gifts to buy, we will give you some of the most original ideas that you can digitally wrap and send along with unique Christmas ecards.

Christmas eGreetings or Christmas eCards with digital gifts?

SendGift gives you the ability to deliver Christmas gifts very easily, but how do you send a digital Christmas gift? Well, that depends entirely on you and how you prefer to do it.

Digital Christmas ecards are completely customizable, you can choose between infinite designs and you can add your gifts to them. Besides being able to select the right design for Christmas ecards, you can add personalized messages, photos, videos and much more.

If for whatever reason this year you cannot meet with your relatives, do not hesitate to send them a Christmas ecard with a personal video of you wishing them a Merry Christmas. It will be an incredible surprise that they will love and remember for a long time.

For a different Christmas, a different Christmas eGreetings.

This Christmas, for better or for worse, will be totally different from the previous ones and we must adapt to change. We will not be able to deliver our Christmas gifts or Christmas eGreetings in person as we did in previous years, so we must reinvent ourselves to surprise the people we love the most.

So the easiest way to do it, is with SendGift's Christmas egreetings and Christmas ecards, a totally different and new product that is going to have a great impact in the coming years, and that is while we are forced to maintain a social distancing, SendGift is the best way to stay close, together and united.