TOP 5 of the Best Mandalas Coloring

Fri, November 27, 2020
Is painting mandalas one of your favorite hobbies? Are you looking forward to finding completely original and unique coloring mandalas? Or are you simply looking to give a very special gift to someone very important to you and do you think that some printable mandalas are the perfect gift?

Either way, you are in the right place. We want to share with you a list of the 5 best mandalas that you can find right now on the market.

Mandalas to paint for adults - Mandalas Coloring Extra Book

This incredible book is made up of 30 fantastic designs that convey great calm and tranquility. Many times adults need that space to escape from the stressful routine that invades their day to day, and painting mandalas can be a beautiful and at the same time very relaxing distraction.

This book is ideal for any level, whether you have a lot of experience painting mandalas or if they are your first mandalas to color. It is made of thick, resistant and single-sided artistic paper, so that each mandala is completely independent and there are no problems with transferring color to the next page.

This notebook of mandalas to color is in A4 format and in a spiral, which will allow you to paint mandalas on a flat sheet without curves that bother you. The drawings of the mandalas are of high quality and the shapes to be colored are distinguished down to the smallest detail.

Animal Mandalas Coloring Pages

For those who love to color animal mandalas, this is your ideal notebook. It is made primarily for children over the age of ten who love to paint and color. But the simplicity and at the same time complexity of these incredible mandalas for coloring animals, make the notebook suitable for all audiences and that any adult can relax even for a moment, coloring very original and colorful animal mandalas.

The book consists of 50 animal mandalas. Its practical and simple format means that it can be carried in any backpack or bag without any problem. Most mandalas have a white background, but it is true that there is some inverted color and, therefore, with a black background.

Painting Mandalas is Relaxing and Calming

This book to paint mandalas has the main objective of transmitting calm, relaxation and tranquility, and for this it includes a good dose of innovation in its interior. And this book, unlike many others, not only contains mandalas to color, but also includes 14 audios with meditation and relaxation tracks that allow you to color mandalas while listening to the ideal music for the occasion.

The illustrations are perfect, a mix of henna-inspired mandala drawings and beautiful paisley prints. Inside you will find figures of 39 incredible mandalas to color that you are going to love. The paper is thick and of great quality. In addition, you will also see that it contains motivating phrases inside to make this adventure more enjoyable and enriching.

The price is very, very good if we take into account all the extra features and functionality that this wonderful book has.

100 Mandalas to paint - Special Art

The Special Art coloring book for adults with incredible mandalas is among the best sellers of the moment for its simplicity and at the same time a large number of drawings it contains. Special Art has created a spectacular range of adult coloring books that help you relax and express creativity.

Among them, this book has gone on sale in which you can find 100 mandalas for coloring made including even the smallest detail. The book is soft cover and very light so you can take it with you wherever you want. It is considered one of the best gift ideas for an adult who is at a stage in his life where he needs to relax and enjoy.

In addition, Special Art wants to reward the buyers of this mandala coloring book with a special gift that can be found inside the book. Inside the book is detailed all the information necessary to get the gift.

Painting mandalas with Creatively Calm Studios

Painting mandalas with the Creatively Calm Studios premium pack is very easy. If what you want is to paint mandalas of all kinds, animals, landscapes, flowers or any other type of figures, this is your ideal pack.

This wonderful pack includes more than 120 mandalas of different types and made with a very high detail of perfection. There are different types of mandala drawings to be suitable for all levels, in this way someone who has no experience, can start painting simple mandalas and gradually increase their level.

As a special feature, the Creatively Calm Studios premium pack gives you access to a private user area where you can share your designs with people from all around the world. It is a very special way to share the love of painting mandalas with people who have the same interests and concerns.

Do you need crayons to paint mandalas?

If you love painting mandalas and you need some very good quality crayons, we recommend these ones. They are currently the best sellers, and are used by great professionals in the sector: