The best non-material gifts in virtual cards

Mon, December 7, 2020
Are you thinking of surprising someone you appreciate a lot, but you run out of ideas and do not know how to do it? Today we will propose a very original way to send a message to someone very important to you and thus be able to give them a great surprise.

Many times we believe that a surprise must be something material, a gift that can be touched and that when the recipient receives it they can unwrap the paper and open the gift with their own hands. But, there are countless surprises, gifts and moments that cannot be touched but that are more original than the previous ones.

Non-material gifts are more original gifts

Have you ever given someone a non-material gift? For example, some tickets to go to a concert from their favorite artist, a romantic walk, something as special as physically returning to the place where you met, or something as simple as a few tickets to the cinema for the last Hollywood movie.

All are non-material gifts, simple a priori, but that will soon be transformed into memories which they will keep in their mind and heart for a lifetime. And it is scientifically proven that what we remember and that our brain memorizes forever, are the moments when we feel great emotions and that they really touch our soul.
Many gifts to celebrate a special day

Send non-material gifts on virtual cards?

Perhaps all the gifts mentioned above are very original and can be remembered for a long time, but surely if you have ever wanted to give someone a non-material gift you will have asked yourself: And now how do I wrap it? How do I give them this gift if they can't physically touch it? Can I print the classic shabby paper and write what the gift is about? What if the gift loses its originality when I hand over the paper?

We have all asked ourselves these questions anytime, and delivering a material gift is very easy, we wrap it in a beautiful way and with an original wrapping paper and there won't be much problem. But what can we do if we want to deliver a non-material gift in a spectacular way that will be remembered forever?

Actually there is a solution for this big problem, a digital system called SendGift allows to digitally wrap gifts and send them with incredible virtual cards.

What are virtual cards and digitally wrapped gifts?

At SendGift, we believe that the best gifts are non-material, so we've come up with a way to deliver a non-material gift digitally. Doing so is very simple, it is only necessary to access SendGift and choose the virtual card that best suits your gift. SendGift virtual cards are fully customizable ideal for birthdays, Christmas or any other celebration. You can add a message to send to your loved one, photos of moments you have spent together, a video to congratulate them in person and many other things.
Sending a non-material gift

But how can I send my non-material gift with a virtual card?

Very easy! Once the virtual card is completely personalized to your liking and ready to send to its recipient, we can add the attached non-material gift, so when the recipient receives it, it is like unwrapping the paper of a gift, but instead of being physical, is going to be digital.

SendGift allows you to attach any file, be it movie tickets, a trip to their most dreamed destination or a stay in a wonderful hotel. You will be able to schedule the delivery of the virtual card and the gift whenever you prefer, the recipient will receive it exactly at the time you indicate and where you decide.

You will know at all times if the recipient has already seen your gift or not yet. In addition, when they finally open your virtual card, they will be able to respond by thanking you and showing you their appreciation for the great surprise they have received.

The sustainability of non-material gifts and virtual cards

By sending non-material gifts and virtual cards you will be contributing to the creation of a more sustainable world. With each gift delivered digitally, transportation trips that consume fuel and a large amount of wrapping paper are saved, which after all is produced by cutting down trees.