Trying to smile again

Sat, June 13, 2020
We are living a very hard stage worldwide with all the disasters that the pandemic is leaving behind. For many of us, it will be difficult to return the same situations as we were before. We lost so much, but we have to overcome, we have to look to the future, we have to smile again.

Smiling is a physiological activity that affects our entire organism, providing physical and mental well-being at much more important levels than you might think. It is not just the expression of a feeling, it is a door to positivity and highly contagious. Take advantage of it and join the positive contagion!

Can you live without smiling?

You can, but it is not pleasant. We must avoid falling into the pit of perpetual melancholy, surrounded by dark sadness. To do this, you have to find light, and a smile lights up to lead you to the way out.

Smiling prolongs life, reduces stress and undoubtedly brings people closer to each other, makes them participate.

A very pleasant therapy

Laughter can also be the vehicle of a therapy known as laughter therapy, a psychotherapeutic strategy or technique that produces mental and emotional benefits through laughter.

It surely cannot be considered a treatment or therapy, since it certainly does not cure diseases by itself, but it is proven that in certain cases it achieves positive synergies. It is, in general, that the laugh therapy sessions are practiced in a group, taking advantage of the contagion from person to person, since laughing in a group is not the same as doing it alone. In this way, the group effect stimulates people who, normally, would not laugh, or it would be difficult for them.

Scientifically, it has been proven that laughter provides multiple benefits: it eliminates tension, anxiety, stress, depression, cholesterol, slims, insomnia, pain, cardiovascular, respiratory problems and others diseases. There are different studies focused on the ability of laughter to fight all kinds of diseases that indicate that while we laugh we release a large amount of endorphins, largely responsible for the feeling of well-being.

Laughter is used in order to eliminate emotional, physical, mental, sexual blocks, heal our childhood, as a process of personal growth. A space is created to be with oneself, to live the here and now, to be in the present, since when we laugh it is impossible to think, open horizons, overcome fears, fill ourselves with strength, with illusion, sense of humor and learning to live a positive, intense, sincere and total life, as we were children.

With no doubts is the best medicine. It brings us acceptance, understanding, happiness, relaxation, opens our senses and helps transform our mental patterns. Practice it daily and it will surely help you get positive feelings.