Send postcards normally or create an amazing eCard

Mon, December 23, 2019
They have been with us for years, surely you will have received more than one. The first time you surely thought it was something different, but simple. With the evolution of the internet, today traditional eCards are seen as something a little old-fashioned, without grace and most importantly, without a dynamic message.

Can you imagine being able to send an eCard with an embedded video?

Yes, you do not need to wake up from a dream, it is perfectly possible. There are systems called Digital Gift Wrap that allow you to wrap any video-gift in a spectacularly visual and interactive way. With them you can send eCards a personalized video!

You can record a video with your mobile phone in which you can show your emotions to the recipient. Direct and close. Cool right?

Do you want to send postcards with an attached gift you have bought?

Of course, it is also possible. It is precisely the perfect duo. You can send him a personalized message in the form of a video, that you can include some sentences, but also that you can attach your gift, either a description or an attached file if applicable.