Free ebooks as awesome digital gifts

Wed, January 13, 2021
In this blog post you will learn how to give free ebooks online in an original and unique way never seen before. Many times we associate the concept of "gift" with spending a certain amount of money on a product or package that the recipient can receive physically, wrapped with a nice gift wrap.

That may be the way that many of us understand the concept of “gift”. But what if we could make a gift without spending any money, digitally wrap it and that the recipient could receive it instantly anywhere in the world? Today it is possible thanks to SendGift, a unique platform for digitally wrapping and sending gifts.

One of the gift ideas that can be digitally wrapped with SendGift and that will not cost us practically no money are free ebooks online or free digital books.

How can I get ebooks free or free ebooks online?

Let's start at the beginning, an ebook is a digital book that can be read from any electronic device that is prepared for it. If you search in Google you will find different platforms where you can download a lot of ebooks free, for example, Open Library or Project Gutenberg, among many others.

In addition, there are also websites such as Rakuten or Amazon, in which with a single annual subscription payment you get access to the download of any ebook free on the platform. Kindle, for example, which is Amazon's free ebooks online service, offers a free 30-day trial of the service. If you want to try the service you can do it in the following link:

Kindle Free Trial

Most platforms allow the download of ebooks free or free ebooks online with different types of format, be it pdf, doc, txt, epub, etc. In that sense, we must ensure that the free ebook online download format is compatible with the software of the device in which we are going to read the digital book.

A free ebook online as an original gift

Giving someone a free ebook online is a very original idea and one which you surely surprise. Giving an ebook free as a gift should be something different and beautiful. So the ebook free after all is a pdf or doc file that we must send to the recipient of the gift.

And it is there, just at that moment, where we realize that we have downloaded or purchased an incredible ebook free but we do not know how to deliver it as a special gift to the recipient.

In this sense, the SendGift application is very useful, a website where you can digitally wrap gifts. For example, it allows you to digitally wrap a free ebook online.

Wrapping an ebook free with SendGift

To wrap an ebook free, you only need to create an account on SendGift. You can do it in the following link:


Signing up in SendGift is completely free and you will be able to digitally wrap your ebook in a very simple and original way, choosing your ideal gift wrapping among multiple designs for each occasion.

Along with the gift you can add a special video, photos and a personalized greeting message for the recipient. Once you have created the wrapping for your gift, all you have to do is add the file that contains the free ebook online that the recipient can download after opening the gift.

In some cases, such as Kindle, free ebooks online do not come in a file, but are a gift code that can be used to download it later on the corresponding platform. If you find yourself in this situation, instead of adding the ebook file as a gift, you can add the code that the recipient will be able to see after opening the gift.

Best free ebooks online of the moment

With the Kindle subscription you can download free ebooks online and get codes to gift ebooks very easily. Some of the best ebooks of the moment are the following:

View eBooks

Once you have decided the ebook that you are going to give away, you will only have to choose how you want to send it to the recipient with SendGift. It will surely be an original and incredible gift to surprise them!