Special occasions to send original Greeting eCards

Thu, December 31, 2020
Did you know that an original greeting ecard can be sent for many more occasions than for a birthday? With SendGift you can create unique, digital and totally personalized greetings.

There are many situations throughout the year in which we think of someone for whom we are very fond and who we would like to send a nice message but we don't know how to do it. Maybe we only send special messages for someone's birthday and not for every moment in which we remember that person.

With SendGift you can send greetings, special messages and digital greeting ecards to whoever you want, whenever you want and for the occasion you want. You can choose your ideal greeting ecard among the different templates and designs that you will find on the website.

Here are a few different occasions to send out the incredible SendGift ecards:

Love eCards

Have you ever thought about telling that person everything you feel for? Do you want to send them a nice message telling how important they are for you but you don't know how to do it?

With SendGift love ecards you will be able to send them a unique message that will surely surprise and with which you will make a very good impression. In the following link you will find examples of love ecards to personalize to your liking:

Love eCards

Thank You eCards

Surely at some point in your life you have needed help from someone and you don't know how to show your gratitude for what they have done for you. To thank them for the help in a special and original way, you can create a unique thank you ecard and send it completely digital.

You can add the message you want to the thank you ecard and send it by email, WhatsApp, SMS or how you prefer.

Thank You eCards

Christmas ecards

At Christmas it is typical to send Christmas ecards or Christmas postcards to our family and friends. But how many times have we sent them in physical format by ordinary mail and they have not received them on the day we wanted?

And not only that, a Christmas card written on paper is very traditional but surely not as special or fun as the digital Christmas ecard that you can create with SendGift.

SendGift Christmas ecards are fully digital and allow you to add messages, photos, videos, songs, and even a digital gift that the recipient will receive at the exact time and day you schedule the delivery for.

With SendGift Christmas ecards and digital gifts, there will be no more delivery delays and your recipient will always receive their surprise on time. Find out how to create yours in the following link:

Christmas ecards

Good Morning eCards

Create and personalize amazing good morning ecards with SendGift. If you wake up every day thinking of that person so special to you, send them an incredible good morning message along with a unique digital ecard.

You can add photos, a message or a special song that you know they will love and with which they will start the day eagerly.

Create your most special good morning ecard with SendGift:

Good Morning eCards

Father's Day eCards or Mother's Day eCards

Is Father's Day or Mother's Day approaching and you still don't know how you are going to surprise them this year? In SendGift you will find templates of very special Father's Day ecards or Mother's Day ecards and with which you surely surprise them.

In addition, sending a an ecard with SendGift is completely free and if you have a digital gift prepared for them, you can digitally wrap it with Father's Day ecards or Mother's Day ecards.

Start customizing your ecards at the following link:

Father's Day eCards

Mother's Day eCards

Happy Birthday eCards

Have you ever sent a digital gift along with a unique and totally personalized happy birthday ecard? Now you can do it with SendGift happy birthday ecards.

You can create original greeting ecards in which to add photos, videos, messages, songs and an attached gift that the recipient can download. For example, tickets to go to the theater or to see a football game, a booking for a dream night in a special hotel, a voucher for a dinner in a restaurant, or any other type of gift that is an experience and you don't know how to physically wrap it.

SendGift is designed to wrap all kinds of digital gifts and create a unique experience that will never be forgotten. In addition, the recipient will receive the happy birthday ecard on the exact day you want.

Wrap your digital gift with SendGift happy birthday ecards:

Happy Birthday eCards

Valentine’s Day eCards

Are you nervous about the arrival of Valentine's Day and do not know how to surprise your partner? With SendGift you can create a totally digital Valentine's eCard to send to the love of your life on that special date.

You can customize it to your liking by adding photos and videos of special moments together. You can also add a lovely song that is special for both of you and that will start playing when the Valentine's Day eCard is opened.

Don't think twice and create your most special Valentine's Day eCard now with SendGift:

Valentine’s Day eCards