Unique and personalized group greeting cards

Thu, December 30, 2021
There are many occasions of the year that deserve a special celebration, a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, the birth of a baby, a retirement or even a job promotion. Each and every one of them deserves to be celebrated in its own special and unique way. Although there is something we do regardless of the special moment we have in front of us, and that is to share the joy and happiness with our friends, our family, and definitely those people who are next to us everyday in our lives and whom we want to be close to always.

Celebrating those special, unique and even private and intimate moments surrounded by our loved ones is something that makes us proud and that fills us with a lot of joy.

Difficulties celebrating with your loved ones

Sometimes it is not easy to organize the logistics of an event or a simple meeting with friends and family, since we all have our lives, our schedules, our work and our obligations. Although we try many times, it is very difficult to find ourselves all together in the same place.

It is precisely for this reason that SendGift offers the possibility of being able to celebrate any special occasion online with your friends, family or whoever you want. Do you live abroad and can't attend your best friend's birthday dinner? No problem, you can send your best wishes and participate like the others in the delivery of the gift.

A colleague is retiring but you haven't seen each other for a long time? All you have to do is access the link on the digital group card to add your thanks message for all the years you have shared together.

Or even if your cousin has recently graduated from college and you can't go to the graduation dinner, take part in the group card to send your congratulations messages just like everyone else's!
Personalized group greeting card for graduation

Create a personalized group greeting card

Each celebration is unique and will have a personalized gourp greeting card for that specific moment. Creating it is very simple, it will be enough to access the platform and select the template that you like the most. Then it will only be necessary to share the personalized group greeting card with all the people who want to add their messages in it, friends, family, cousins, couples, everyone will be welcome.

In this way, a very beautiful and fun mosaic will be created so that when that special day arrives, the person who receives it feels very proud to be surrounded by such incredible people.

The personalized greeting card is dynamic, so apart from text messages you can add emoticons, images and even very special greeting videos. In addition, it can become a detail to save for the rest of your life. It will not only be to receive, watch and that's enough, the person who receives it will be able to download and save it where they prefer, both in digital format or printed in a classical paper.
Mobile phone sending a greeting card online

A fully digital personalized group greeting card

Any device is valid to create a personalized group greeting card, to participate in it by adding new messages and to receive it. You can do it from a computer, mobile or tablet without any problem.

To share the group card with other people so that they can add their messages, it will be as easy as sending the access link to it by WhatsApp, SMS, email, social networks or any other. Once they receive it, it will not be necessary for them to register, simply by accessing the link and adding their name they can include the messages with images, videos or animated GIFs.

Creating a personalized greeting card online and in a group is a unique, very special and totally digital process that brings together a group of people who, for whatever reasons, cannot be physically together at that precise moment.

Previously there were digital personalized greeting cards but on an individual level, not as a nice group gift in which as many people as you want can participate.

In such a globalized world it is necessary to be connected at all times with our loved ones, and SendGift wants to be part of all this and help to achieve it.