Phrases to give condolences in difficult times

Tue, February 1, 2022
There are situations in life in which none of us want to be involved and from which we instinctively flee or try to hide. But it should not always be like this, in fact, it is in difficult times and difficult situations when we realize who are the people who are by our side and who we do not want to let escape for the world.

The loss of a family member, a friend, or in short, a loved one, is something that naturally hurts and that we must cope with in the best possible way. Although initially they are always hard moments in which it is difficult to know how to react naturally.

In situations where someone we love has lost a family member or close friend, we want to be close to that person and give them all our support and encouragement so that they know that we will help them in whatever they need.
A friend giving condolences to a family member

Phrases to give condolences

For those difficult and often uncomfortable moments, we can keep in mind some of the following phrases to offer condolences that will surely be of great help to us:

- Who passed through our life and left light, must shine in our soul for all eternity

- We know that these moments are very difficult to accept, but know that you can count on me for anything

- I'm very sorry friend, if you need anything do not hesitate to ask me

- I am sorry for your loss, I send my prayers that you find comfort soon

- I would love to erase all that pain you're feeling. Although it seems that this pain will last forever, you will soon be better. Now you have someone up there who will take care of you in every step you take in your life

- Be strong, no matter what you are going through right now, nothing is forever.I ask God that in this difficult moment he is next to your family and gives you peace. I love you friend

- From time to time you have to accept that some people can only be in your heart and not in your life

- There are people who are always there, wherever they are

- Continue with what you are passionate about because now they look at you from heaven

- For some moments in life there are no words, but I am here with you for whatever you need

- When those we love depart, they go from living among us to living in us

- It may have escaped from our sight, but never from our hearts

- There is no definitive separation as long as the memory exists

- Some people we love all our lives, some even later.

Even so, even if we make an endless list of condolence phrases with which we can help ourselves to wrap up that loved one who is having such a bad time right now, it will never be enough to quench their pain. It is important to anticipate in any situation, and not tell him that we are very sorry and that he can call us when he needs it, since he is surely not going to do it, we have to go ahead and make an offer to carry out some activity with which we know that we will help them.
Sympathy group card full of condolence messages

How to send condolence phrases in difficult times

Generally, phrases of condolences and phrases to give condolences are usually mentioned at funerals or in the hours before them, and we usually physically attend them to be able to be with those relatives who are having a hard time.

But we have just seen in recent years how there are times when it is not possible to go to the funeral for whatever reason, and even if we cannot go, those people will appreciate that we send them our condolences.

Precisely in those moments in which logistics fail, perhaps because we are on the other side of the world or perhaps because for reasons of greater cause it is impossible for us to travel to where our loved ones are, we must look for alternative options so that our loved ones feel as close as if we were there with them.

And that is where technology plays a very important role and can be our great ally. There are platforms like SendGift, with which you can create a group card with phrases to express condolences to all the people who want to give emotional support to those who are suffering right now.

It is very simple, it is only necessary to create the card and share it through Whatsapp, SMS, social networks or as you prefer so that everyone can add their condolences. Once everyone has added their messages, it will be sent to the recipient and they will be able to see a digital group card with the phrases of condolences from all the people who love them.

Once the recipient receives the card, they can save it in digital format wherever they want or they can print it to keep it wherever they want as a souvenir to always have it close by. You will surely be moved and proud to have such incredible people around you who are by your side in both good and bad times.