The easiest way to make a shared gift

Tue, September 27, 2022
When an important date of celebration approaches, be it a birthday, a graduation, a wedding or even a farewell, it is often very difficult to find the ideal gift to give, in which all the people who participate in it feel truly included and participants in the process.

There is always someone who is in charge of organizing everything and who takes all the necessary steps so that everything goes as it should. However, many times that person ends up doing everything at their discretion and without taking into account the opinions of others. Something that can lead other people, who will also participate financially in the gift, to not be completely satisfied with the shared gift that will be delivered.

For this reason, it is necessary to find ways to share and make each and every one of the people involved in the shared detail part of it. A very original way to do it is creating a digital experience that serves as a shared gift with platforms like SendGift.
Signatures and messages of people participating in the shared gift

A shared gift that everyone will like

Nowadays it is perfectly possible to create a shared detailin which as many people as they wish participate, from anywhere in the world and completely online. An example of all this is a digital group card that can serve as a shared gift to deliver at that very special moment that will be celebrated soon.

It has never been so easy to promote participation and collaboration between people on the same digital platform. You will be able to create an incredible shared detail in which everyone will be able to add their congratulatory messages and their signature to leave their mark on that beautiful digital experience that the recipient will receive.

Along with the text messages, it is also possible to add all kinds of multimedia content, be it images, videos or GIFs that will give a more fun and “cool” touch to the shared gift.
Detail shared between co-workers

Sharing is digital transformation

We are fully immersed in a profound change that is digitally and radically transforming many of our day-to-day processes. Everything is changing at a frightening speed and we must adapt to it and take advantage of the impulse that new technologies give us to make our lives better.

The process of creating a shared gift like this, being able to create a postcard with dedication messages from all the people who want to collaborate on it, has never been so simple to manage or so easy to do.

A few years back, a whole logistics had to be organized in which someone was in charge of physically going to a store to buy a shared gift that would later pass through each and every one of the hands of the people who wanted to participate in it, adding their signature and his dedication in his own handwriting.

All of this left out of the equation people who, for reasons beyond their control, could not have physical access to the shared gift, either because they lived in another country or in another locality, or because for work reasons or for another major reason it was impossible for them to travel to the the right place to leave their mark on the shared detail.

A detail shared among all your loved ones

To solve this analog problem, digital solutions always appear and revolutionize the entire process as it existed until today, and that with the help of innovation open up new horizons and allow us to see things as we had never considered before.

Digital group cards are a clear example of all this and allow anyone, from anywhere on the planet, to feel involved in the shared gift as much as any other person who is physically much closer.