10 Ways to increase Employee Morale

Thu, September 1, 2022
One of the great challenges that companies face during these next few years to come is the ability to retain talent in their organizations. Market competition is getting fiercer and social movements like the great resignation don't help at all.

In fact, we are seeing how no one has been able to predict an event of this type that is already spreading very quickly to all parts of the planet. More and more people are leaving their jobs in the city to move to a small town and rebuild their lives, travel or find a different way of making a living with the help of the internet.

All this is waking up many of the human resources departments of companies, who until today may have been living anchored in the past, with rules imposed for a long time, and which were practically on autopilot.

10 Initiatives to Boost Employee Morale

Now companies are losing power as candidates gain importance, and they will be forced to give up on many occasions if they really want to retain the best talent. Here are several initiatives that can help boost employee morale or improve team chemistry.

Social benefits

Companies provide employees with a wide variety of social benefits. They are services or rewards with very profitable returns. They are offered to employees to increase their happiness, motivation and productivity. Some common social benefits include transportation vouchers, restaurant vouchers, childcare discounts, and travel benefits.

By filling jobs with motivated and satisfied workers, companies see increased productivity and performance across their entire workforce. This leads to better results for everyone involved.

More productive breaks

From a physiological point of view, work breaks can reduce and prevent the build-up of exhaustion and stress that can lead to poor health. From a psychological point of view, it restores our resources and energy and prepares us for current or new job demands. In this sense, it is important that companies set up rest areas so that employees can be completely disconnected from work areas and computer screens.
Coworkers in a conversation taking a break

Entrepreneur mindset

Something that is becoming more and more important in a job is autonomy and the ability to give the employee total freedom so that they are able to develop a project within the company and at the same time feel as if it were their own. This mentality, apart from meaning something very good for the employee and helping the company to retain him, having people like this in the team will also contribute a lot to the company and will make it progress to see things in a different way that perhaps until now they were not capable to perceive.

Career and projects

Does the company have to provide career planning? Clearly, yes, it is absolutely necessary to keep employees motivated and focused on achieving projects and goals, while continuing their professional training and wanting to grow as people and as they develop within the organization. Career planning includes training itineraries designed to guide professional development and talent within the organization.

Group Celebrations

We cannot overlook the importance of celebrating special occasions as a team in order to improve the chemistry between teammates. With platforms like SendGift it is possible to hold any celebration both in a physical environment and in an online environment.

You can create group cards to celebrate all kinds of occasions: birthdays, farewells, retirement or any other.
Group card with messages from other employees


The image of a mentor is good for everyone, and by receiving professional support, the mentee can carry out their duties with more confidence and security, shortening the learning curve, increasing productivity and providing more opportunities for further growth. The employee will not only acquire the necessary professional skills, but will also share the company's values ​​and global vision, fostering a greater sense of belonging.

Team Building

Carrying out a team building day reinforces the three fundamental pillars of an employee: motivation, team and experience. In this way, they can also improve personal communication between colleagues, foster positive attitudes and build long-term working relationships.


In the times we live in, providing employees with up-to-date training is vital both for them and for the company. We all want to work in an organization that is innovative and committed to giving its employees current and future knowledge. And the company is also interested in keeping its team members up-to-date in order to contribute fresh ideas and, above all, to be able to retain them before they go to other companies that offer them better plans.

Transparency and sincerity

Honesty can be a great boost to camaraderie and teamwork, as we all want to work with people who don't "pass the buck." Telling the truth helps to find solutions in advance, from the beginning things can be analyzed with real information.


Flexible hours and telecommuting are becoming increasingly important, as they offer more advantages to companies and employees. As long as the employees improve their occupation and feel motivated, the project will continue to produce while cutting some of the most important expenses. This creates an ideal balance of employee needs and organizational benefits with minimal implementation costs and proven validity. Some companies are not entirely convinced of the flexibility of telecommuting. Even so, it is becoming evident every day that more hours of occupation is not equivalent to greater performance either, so we are immersed in times of profound change.