Send thank you cards digitally

Fri, July 3, 2020
Have you ever sent a thank you card for someone's birthday or to congratulate them for any reason? If the answer is yes, surely you have done it physically and delivering the classic thank you card printed on colored paper and adding your greeting message with a pen.

Nowadays, in case you didn't know, there are different options to create a thank you card or a digital birthday card and send it online to all the recipients you want. Yes, you heard it right, it is not necessary to go door to door to leave the thank you card in the recipient's mailbox, nor is it necessary to go to a post office to send it.

We want to present you the best option to digitally send unique, personalized thank you cards or birthday cards and even adding a gift, if you wish.

Create the best birthday cards with SendGift

Every day we are evolving more rapidly towards a digital and at the same time very global world, in which we can have a virtual connection to any place on the planet with a single click.

In the moments we live, perhaps we are not or have not been as close to our loved ones as we wanted to be. And we may want to send a thank you card to someone we love very much, just to tell them how important are to us. Or perhaps a family member or friend has turned years and we have not been able to deliver the classic thank you card giving them our best wishes.

For all these reasons, among others, we believe that a digital solution is necessary that allows us to be close to our loved ones even if we are separated by a great distance. And that's where SendGift is born, a unique solution on the market that will allow you to send your thank you cards or birthday cards, adding an attached gift.

You can create the gift to your liking, choosing the design that you like the most, adding a personalized greeting video, photos, a congratulatory message and even an attached gift.

The recipient will be able to download the gift and will have the option to respond by thanking you and showing their appreciation. In addition, you will know at all times if the recipient has received your thank you card, since we will send you a notification when the gift has been opened.