The big questions about the coronavirus

Sat, July 4, 2020
All the countries of the world are suffering the devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, something that until a few months ago we only thought could happen in the movies. That invisible enemy has isolated us alone at home and has separated us from our family and friends.

Ultimately, the pace of the pandemic is changing and will change the way we live. We have become accustomed to working from home, remotely, and without physical contact with our coworkers, talking everything in virtual meetings.

We have made a lot of video conferences with friends and family from our homes, since we could not stay in a restaurant or a bar as we did a while ago. All these changes have made that our life, as we conceive it, has completely changed in only a few months.
But do we really know when we are going to return to normal life, to our normal life? Or are we really never going to do it? That is to say, could it be that the virus has come to stay and we have to get used to this new normal lifestyle?

Is it really certain how long we are going to need to have a stable vaccine that can be distributed to all the countries of the world without exception? That is another question that we all have in mind and that currently has no answer, although we all wish and hope that it will be very soon.

But, one of the most important questions is, are we really ready to face an enemy as powerful and fast as a virus like COVID-19? It seems that at the moment we have not been prepared because we have never faced anything similar, but it is clear that little by little we will progress as a society and for the next time we are in a similar situation we will have more resources to face it.

We are currently in a difficult situation on a global scale, but we will overcome it for sure, all together, as has always been done!