Tricks to be a Facebook expert

Tue, July 7, 2020
Facebook, today, is the social network with more users. Although, it is true that other social networks that appeared lately are growing very quickly: Pinterest, Tik Tok or Snapchat, for example. But the journey Facebook has taken is many years old, and that means they have a lot of customers that makes very difficult to match by any other company.

In addition, when it seemed that perhaps Facebook was something that was not in the latest fashion and that perhaps for a moment it could be left behind, they acquire Instagram, a social network with a few years of life that is having a lot of success.

As Facebook is still the king of all social networks, we want to tell you about some features that will allow you to get the most out of it and that you may not have known about.


One of the features that will surely be very useful to you, is the suggestion of pages similar to the ones you already follow. For example, if you follow pages from other technology or digital transformation companies, Facebook will suggest other pages on the same topic.

At a particular level the same would happen, the social network will suggest people to add as friends based on the friends you already have.


Facebook allows you to create your online store to sell your products from your own company page. In other words, you only have to create a company page on your Facebook profile and add the products you want to sell to other Facebook users.


It is very important to add a call to action button in your publications. It means that you try to capture the attention of your followers in order to attract them where you want them to end up arriving, which is generally your website.

So it is interesting to add links to your website in each publication, but never without going over the line or always repeating the same link, because Facebook can detect that their privacy policies are violated and never again let you put the link in your profile, or even they can close your account forever.


This functionality allows you to know the assessment that your followers make of your brand's page, so you can know if they like what is published or if you need a change.